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3 tips for taking care of your clothes and the planet

Global clothing production reached an all-time high, with nearly 150 billion pieces of clothing leaving factories each year. This rate has more than doubled since 2000. 📈

This increase in production has a huge impact on our environment. But did you know that the way we take care of our clothes can have as much of an impact on the environment as their production itself?

The disposable fashion mentality must be reversed to return to clothes that last, because they are well made and well maintained like at Majestion!

It's time to change the way we take care of our clothes. If we want to love our clothes (and the people who made them) take more care !

1 - Don't wash your clothes too often ❌

⚠️ No ! You don't have to wash your clothes after every use! 

If you think this is crazy, just think about the fact that most of our washing habits are inherited from our parents, and that while the technology of washing machines and dryers has changed dramatically, the labels of maintenance on our clothes didn't budge an inch. Over-washing and drying causes extra wear and tear on your clothes

The next time you run a machine, try to see if each item of clothing really needs this wash. Maybe you can just clean that little stain on your favorite jeans or air out that comfortable sweater, after it takes on a slight smell of cooking… 🍽

2 - Run your washing machine at a lower temperature 🛁

Did you know you can save up to 60% of the energy washing time by running your machine at a lower temperature?

Many clothing labels advise us to wash them at a higher temperature than necessary. If a garment indicates to wash it hot (50 ° C) or lukewarm (40 ° C), it is generally of the highest security level for that particular fabric. 

At Majestion, all our clothes must be washed at less than 30 degrees because they are all from organic farming. ❤️

With modern washing machines, you can easily wash your laundry cold. Do your own tests! You will quickly know if your clothes look so clean 😉

Washing at a low temperature also helps reduce the tension on the fabric, which prolong the life of your clothes !

3 - Why it is better to fold your clothes rather than hang them 👔

It's best to fold your t-shirts and sweaters. Don't cram them into a drawer or a shelf. These are not sardines! 😂

Let them breathe so they are less likely to wrinkle. Hanging a t-shirt will give it the marks of the hanger on the shoulders, which will stretch and deform it ❌
If you really want to hang your clothes, invest in some quality wooden hangers that will fit your clothes well 💰

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