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How to be stylish in 2020?

Who says new year says new style ! The year 2020 is your year, it is never too late to take an interest in fashion and wear the elegant style. Style is everything after all, it's the first thing you see about someone before you even speak to them. An outfit therefore has as much power to attract as to repel.


Contrary to what you might think, being stylish doesn't have to mean buying clothes from top brands that cost several thousand dollars. In Increase, we will teach you quickly and give you all our advice on how to dress elegantly for this year 2020. (And even the years that follow.)


Start first to forget about trends and the fashion. It may sound contradictory, but yes you read that correctly. You don't stand out by being identical to others, you absolutely have to be unique. And to be unique, you have to adopt a style that knows how to contradict the norms of society.

Some tips for looking stylish in 2020

Adolescente portant du Majestion (T-Shirt Edition limitée gris)

Tip 1: Choose your clothes well

First of all, it is very important to choose clothes that fit your shapes and your body type. You are not going to choose baggy pants if you are a skinny person. You must then know your body and your figure perfectly to optimize your style.

  • Adjust your pants so that they don't float on your shoes, you can do this quite simply with a scissor and a little bit of sewing but if you are not confident in your learning skills then go straight to a professional who s 'will take care of it for you (it doesn't cost too much and it makes a huge difference!)

Tip 2: don't try to make it too complicated

Often minimalism goes through simplicity (yes it is possible to stand out simply). Stop racking your brains with improbable mixtures of colors and varied patterns that are too complex. Adopt fairly neutral shades that can go with anything (gray, black, white, brown ...). A pretty White Tshirt will go perfectly with a brown leather jacket and skinny jeans.

Tip 3: Adopt pieces that never go out of style.

Whether we are talking about men's or women's fashion, certain articles and clothes are timeless, they are timeless.

For women we can for example quote: a pencil skirt or a white blouse.

For men, we recommend the eternal classic: a beautiful t-shirt minimalist as well as chinos.

With this simple tip, you can be sure that you have a classy style that stands out in all circumstances. You can of course adopt variations for an outfit that stands out more. (discreet patterns or a little more vivid colors)

The Minimalist Style to be elegant!

Adolescente portant une casquette noir Majestion

At Majestion, we have a particular taste for minimalism, but then why? It's simple, minimalism manages to impress us with very simple and discreet things (Astonishing isn't it?). 


So here is the ultimate step for an elegant minimalist style! Take a look in our shop, we already have thousands ofambassadors who made the choice of our t-shirts and our sweatshirts minimalist. We advocate a royal style for those who want to stand out with elegance.

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