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A look at the Ambassador Majestion program

We will see together the details of this famous Ambassador Program presented everywhere on our social networks, as well as our website.

First of all, how to apply?

To apply for the position of Ambassador within our brand, you must meet a few criteria such as:
- Be at least 16 years old
- Have an Instagram profile with at least 3 posts
- Have a minimum of 100 Followers on your Instagram profile
- Share our values of elegance and fashion

If all these criteria are met, then nothing could be easier to apply.
Go to this link: http://my.majestion.eu

How to receive an answer?

When applying, you must leave your Instagram username as well as your email address. By submitting your application, you also agree to be contacted by e-mail for promotional offers from Majestion. 
When your application is submitted on the above site, wait about 2 hours for a response (we answer everyone yes), the response is sent to your e-mail address that you have entered on the form. registration of the "Ambassador Program".

What does the Ambassador Majestion program consist of?

The Ambassador program offers many advantages.
In fact, by being a Majestion Ambassador, you benefit from all of our catalog at half price, yes yes, at -50%. You will also be granted a -20% code specially for your friends & subscribers who can use it without limit! By becoming our Ambassador, you will also have every chance to be posted on our Instagram profile @majestion.

 Why apply to become a Majestion Ambassador?

By applying for the position of Ambassador Majestion, you will benefit from many advantages! And yes, already getting our entire catalog at half price is a plus, but being able to be re-posted on our Instagram story, as well as being published as a publication on this same network will give you more visibility, so be creative and go out your best creation wearing a Majestion garment in order to bring maximum attention to you and undoubtedly collect subscribers.

How long will I remain Majority Ambassador?

Major Ambassadors keep their posts for an indefinite period. Yes yes, like a CDI (Permanent Contract). You stay there as long as you want, without obligation. If you wish to resign from your functions, send an e-mail to the following address: adrien.martinez@majestion.eu

Do I have other advantages as a Majestion Ambassador?

Of course ! As an Ambassador, you also benefit from an affiliate program. In your welcome email, there are exactly two different promotional codes, a first one reserved for you offering you 50% reduction, but also another code quoted at the bottom of the email offering 20% reduction to all your friends & subscribers. Share this code everywhere on your social networks (Instagram biographical, publication, story, Snapchat, etc ...). This code will reduce your friend / subscriber's order by 20% but also offers you 10% of his order which will be returned to you either by a Paypal transfer, or in the form of a voucher.

What are the criteria for a good photo?

You are freshly Ambassador Majestion, you have ordered your favorite products and received them in their elegant packaging.
Now remains the stage of the photo. But how do you take a good photo?

Here are our criteria for being published on our Instagram profile:

- Highlight the Majestion product
- Have a colorful and pleasant landscape in the background
- Do not modify your photo (No photoshop, no filters, nothing)
- Minimum image size: 500px by 500px (Instagram square format)
- Photo in High Definition (Using a recent phone or Camera)
- No blurry or pixelated image
- Always have a smile (Proud to wear the Majestion collection)
- Send your photos by email: community@majestion.eu

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A look at the Ambassador Majestion program
by @ben_rakibe on November 07, 2020

Excellent produit

by LAFARGUE on November 07, 2020

J’adore votre marque !!!
J’ai un compte Instagram avec presque 600 abonnés et j’aimerais en avoir plus et être un ambassadeur de votre marque. Est ce possible ??
Ps: j’essaye de mettre des photo de qualité et souvent.

by Tania on January 14, 2020

Super qualité, j’adore

by LAURIINE on November 07, 2020

T-shirt commandé cet été, la livraison était un peu longue mais c’est un produit de grande qualité, je ne regrette pas l’attente. Pull commandé en fin de semaine dernière, reçu hier, c’est un pull tout doux hyper agréable à porter où l’on est à l’aise, je ne regrette vraiment pas!

by Camus on November 07, 2020

Bonjour je m’appelle Mathieu je fait des snap qui me rapporte aujourd’hui une belle famille de 20 008 personne qui me suive et je trouve cela une bonne idée se que vous faite pour des personnes comme sa c’est formidable.

by Mezo Samantha on January 14, 2020

Une marque de qualité et plein d’élégance❤

by Helio MARQUES on January 14, 2020

La qualité du t-shirt et la casquette oh top !!!

by laffon on November 07, 2020

je suis très heureuse de cette marques, on y trouve toujours son bonheur. Je suis également honoré e pouvoir collaborer avec eux en tant qu’ambassadrice

by Koubonou Giovanni on January 14, 2020

Majestion une marque d’élite à adopter 😁😁😁

by Koubonou Giovanni on January 14, 2020

Marque de qualité et d’élégance.Majestion trop top

by Stécie on January 14, 2020

Très bons produit, agréable à porter! Je recommande !

by Debbora on November 07, 2020

Une marque de qualité vêtements vraiment sympa. Simple et élégant pouvant être porter tous les jours et avec tous style de look. J’adore la classe et la simplicité de cette gamme majestion .

by Tiana Hoareau on January 14, 2020

Ce site propose de très bon articles, n’hésitez pas à commandez vous ne le regretterez pas !

by Jo' on November 07, 2020

Ça a vraiment l’air bien mais j’hésite vraiment. De toute façon je n’ai 16 ans que dans 2 mois. Mais n’empêche que ça me plairait sauf que je n’ai pas vraiment d’argent de côté🙄.

by Alexis (torry_rider) Ambassadeur on November 07, 2020

Franchement je ńest rien à dire c’est sûrement chère mais sa tien bien

by charlene_mgn1 on November 07, 2020

J’adore la marque, les vêtements et tout donc dès que j’aurai 16ans (je n’en ai que 15 pour le moment) je proposerai ma candidature sans hésitation 😍

by Zaniche on November 07, 2020

J’aimerai en faire partie

by Quentin Mettendorff on January 14, 2020

Très bon produit tres fier de porter votre marque

by Zak on November 07, 2020

Franchement la marque est vraiment pas mal et le poste d’ambassadeur m’interesse toutefois je ne sais pas trop ce qu’il faut faire une fois ambassadeur,et j’attends surtout quelques moi pour avoir mes 16 ans et postuler.

by Martinez Marin on January 14, 2020


by Orathai Doebelin on January 14, 2020

Très bonne marque de qualité, simple et élégant, très agréable à porter.

by Alexpsk_plk on November 07, 2020


Je souhaite envoyer ma candidature pour Majestion.


by Honczaruk on November 07, 2020

Je souhaiterai être ambassadrice de votre marque car vos vêtements me plait beaucoup et que sa me ferait plaisir

by Julie on January 14, 2020

Un site vraiment génial la qualité est présente et je ne parle même pas de la beauté des articles 😍

by Vignon on January 14, 2020

De super bonne qualité, j’adore !

by Bompan on July 31, 2019

Une marque de qualité à la fois simple et élégante j’adore merci majestion

by Vallet on July 31, 2019

Très bon produit

by Velprat on July 31, 2019

Franchement ça l’air super intéressant mais néanmoins j’hésite encore à proposer ma candidature 🤔


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