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Fashion in Japan, between tradition and streetwear

At first when you think fashion we don't necessarily think of Japan, we imagine big parades in Paris with big brands like Dior and Louis Vuitton. But behind the land of the rising sun hides much more than Japanese folklore, there is a very emerging and diverse fashion culture that is spreading more and more globally with Japanese and French brands democratizing the japanese style.

Japanese clothing: The famous Kimono

kimono japonais

When you think of Japan, images of kimonos and of dances come to mind, and that's normal since the Japanese kimono is the traditional garment par excellence in Japan! You are probably wondering why the kimono is so popular and worn so much? Well there are several reasons:

he there are very many types of kimonos with various patterns and colors, which gives the person who buys a kimono a huge choice to find THE good kimono that suits him best. You will often find flowery patterns or patterns with traditional animals from Japanese culture. (like the Japanese crane).

To sum up, the kimono is a very elegant clothing and sumptuous made from prestigious materials such as linen or wool (which justifies its price).

Streetwear in Japan

t-shirt japonais

And yes, Japan is not limited to the tradition of kimonos and yukatas. For years 2000, the street style has started to really take up everyday space in the streets of tokyo. You have surely seen clothes before streetwear with especially the brand Hypebeast which is a main brand in the field of streetwear.

What is amazing about this country and you will notice it if one day you have the chance to there go cis that in the streets of cities like Tokyo you may very well meet a woman with a beautiful and long kimono like a group of young people with clothes streetwear or some salaryman in a suit! 

In short, the streetwear in Japan is now imported into Francid with brands that aim to convey the Japanese spirit with ever more sought-after designs. For example, you will find japanese t shirts in Eternal Japon, a brand founded with the aim of democratizing the traditional Japanese style and streetwear in Francid !

But beware, this does not mean that Japan is detached from its traditional image, on the contrary, indeed on more casual style clothes you will often find traditional patterns such as Maneki-Neko (it's a lucky cat that moves it paw) or a Japanese cherry tree.

The Majestion notice

As fashion enthusiasts, it is your duty to take an interest in the Japanese style which is becoming more and more unmistakable and which will continue to be democratized in the years to come.

At Majestion, we are very attentive to what is being done and that's why we are writing today this blog article about fashion in Japan. By writing these articles we want to make you dream and transport you to our passion for fashion!

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