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Clothing trends among young people


Clothing trends among young people

Fashion and clothing trends are today a phenomenon that does not leave many young people indifferent. Young people have indeed taken hold of this phenomenon and assert their personality through their clothing style. Each young person obviously has their own tastes and influences which play a large part in their choices. Young people today use fashion to assert themselves, to stand out, to show their origins, their identity, among others. Young people find their influence through various sources such as stars, advertising, fashion news, ..., current trends. While some of them prefer to remain moderate in their style, others opt for a more eccentric style.

The Bimbo trend

Today among young girls, the bimbo is in the foreground. This is a style that emphasizes the shapes and gets rid of any overload of clothes, therefore simplicity. This style is very recognizable especially its tops which display the navel of the girl and let show her breasts. The trend is very popular with young girls today, especially with its ultra-mini and very tight t-shirts. Also, the style is highlighted by very short skirts or dresses that can be associated with faded jeans. Young girls assert all their beauty through this style.

The bling-bling trend

Another trend that is causing a sensation among young people is bling-bling, which makes jewelry stand out. This trend can be recognized through its streetwear outfits consisting of a sweet, a printed or basic t-shirt, low-rise jeans with embroidered logos, not to mention the sneakers, among others. This assertive style of dress is accompanied by a bunch of jewelry such as golden chains, massive bracelets and rings, all with glasses all day. The bling-bling crosses the continents and is distributed all over the world.

The GNI trend

This style of dress is still a trend among young people who love the music Pink, Rihanna or the most listened to stars today. These young people who appreciate the sportwear style but just chic. He is recognizable by his faux fur-padded hooded puffer jacket, satin shirt, tight-fitting low-rise jeans, and a belt with a large buckle. Young girls enhance it with stiletto heels to show off elegance while young boys opt for borsalino. It's hard to miss this highly rated dress style among young people.

The Gothic trend

Gothic is also still popular with young people. The follower of this majestion style likes black, quite simply black. What can change is the hair which can be orange or raven red. Often the Gothic seems nonchalant, unhappy, not breathing form. He is recognizable by his tank tops displayed with a snake or a skull, his black shirts, long sleeves, pointed collar, his black pants, decorated or studded, his long black dresses, often with a vampire style tie. It is important not to forget the all black shoes.


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Clothing trends among young people
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