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Less is more: timeless minimalism

The " less is more " is above all an artistic movement that appeared in the 90s. The principle? Minimalism. Much more than a fad, this trend is a state of mind. In fact, simplicity is favored over complexity and the greatest designers were quick to appropriate this philosophy which advocates simplicity, quality as well as elegance.

So how do you transpose an artistic movement into your daily outfit?



Minimalism inevitably goes through the choice of plain fabrics. In fact, we focus on the elegance of a garment with a unique color. This way, its fit and style will only be highlighted. Although the " less is more " is in principle focused on fairly neutral tones such as white, black or nude, there are more and more monochrome sets sporting the most trendy colors such as mustard yellow or duck blue and sticking without any harm to this refined style.


The little touch

For a long time, accessorizing her outfit was limited to wearing a piece of jewelry or a handbag. Today, everything can be declined in trendy accessories with the sole aim of being the little extra touch that will make your outfit the very expression of your personality. This involves a watch combining classic and modernity with a plain sweatshirt with a recognizable logo. Without going overboard, the goal is to stand out while retaining the elegance of minimalism. In addition, so that chic is present throughout the outfit, we favor logos with a clean and refined design.



When you focus on simplicity, it's just as important to focus on quality. In fact, elegance passes through the balance between originality and classicism, as well as the choice of quality materials and textures. Whether you opt for a cap or a t-shirt, everything must be perfect so that your style is the center of attention and not the little flaws that can make the most stylish outfit a real sartorial faux pas. This, of course, depends on the fabric in which the piece is made, its cut but also the seams or the quality of the flocking.


In Increase, we understood that fashion is all about the details. This is why we offer you a collection of sweatshirts, t-shirts, vests and also fashionable accessories. Always made in first-choice fabrics and with extreme attention to detail, we have chosen to favor the quality of the pieces offered over quantity.

Each of our models has therefore been designed and then made real by its founder. Easily recognizable thanks to the logo chosen by Maison Majestion, the crown, the clothes combine simplicity with elegance which, moreover, are Majestion's watchwords.

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