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REVENGEX: Standard Streetwear Boutique

What is Revengex?

pantalon réfléchissant

With Internet and instagram surely you are used to seeing many brands online but Revengex something special, something that manages to make it a brand that is both unique and close to its convictions. You know why ? It's simple, they themselves have a long experience and a great experience in the world of streetwear. Their brand was launched following a trip with friends to Asia, the locals' style buildings and ambiance inspired them to create their own brand at theasian influence. But beware, it doesn't stop there, starting from just 5 pieces, they then managed to create a whole range of products with a decadent style perfect for those who want to stand out.

Revengex is a streetwear store which now offers products to dress you from head to toe with a huge choice to please each person (there are still more than 700 products)! You will find caps like the sneakers or even saddlebags. So it's up to you to create your own style.

Revengex today:

hoodie savage

Revengex to date, it is more than 10,000 clients ! It is a real reference in France for all enthusiasts of streetwear, with over 100k followers sure instagram thousands of people help the brand on a daily basis to progress and democratize the world of streetwear. Thanks to them, today in Francid the streetwear becomes more and more important and you can see a lot of people in the street wearing their sneakers or their sweatshirts ! Besides, those who wear Revengex recognize each other in the street and that's what makes the beauty of the brand!

RevengexStore, our honest and objective opinion:

avis revengexstore

As a brand emerging we owe it to ourselves to give an honest review of Revengex. 

But before giving our own opinion, here is the opinion of their customers. After all, that's what counts, isn't it? As you can see even after thousands of orders revengex at a very good score with almost 5 stars ( But since perfection does not exist ... )

And that's understandable, they are very close to their community, have pretty fast delivery times, and offer products you will only find at home!

So there you are probably telling yourself that we are telling you that to convince you to go see their site and it is normal with doubts the shenanigans that we find on the Internet .. To prove our good faith to you, here is a photo of a product that we bought ourselves before writing this article (eh Yes we did not intend to give our opinion without having tested)

t-shirt upsoar

(the photo was taken with our iphone sorry for the quality)

Here is the t-shirt upsoar, we ordered and received it the same week! Made of 100% cotton, it is super soft and resistant. So if you too are a fan of streetwear join the movement with Revengex, it's now or never 

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